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Where are you moving to? What are the specific features of your new home?

We collect your belongings as you have left them and reinstall them according to your preferences.

Our first step is to assess your requirements. Then a quote is drawing, and you decide whether it meets your expectations.

To fully satisfy your needs we require you to state clearly and in advance how you wish your belongings to be arranged upon arrival at your new home.

The TESSIOT packages

What do you want and what are the specific features of your new home?

Because everyone has specific requirements, the TESSIOT Group offers custom-tailored reinstallation packages, in addition to the three packages described below :

ACCESS package 

With this package, you access to professional staff  for little budget and  it makes life easy !

STANDING package 

If you are looking for convenience and security, this package is for you !  You don’t need to dismantle your furniture yourself, and your most fragile items will be wrapped in specially-designed packaging.

OPTIMUM package 

The most confortable package: our staff will take care of everything.

Methods and Guarantees

 Before moving your goods, we will work on together.

On the day of the move

Leave everything to us at this stage. However we do need your guidance when moving into your new home.

Financial guarantees

The financial risks linked with road accidents and other circumstances are accounted for differently for every move, so we will discuss various options with you – our ultimate agreement must cover any potential risks.