International Move

A. Tessiot déménagement : offre internationale

Where are you moving to? What are the specific features of your new home?

We collect your belongings as you have left them and reinstall them according to your preferences.

Our first step is to assess your requirements. We then draw up a quote, and you decide whether this meets your expectations.

We take care of the execution, but to fully satisfy your needs we require you to state clearly and in advance how you wish your belongings to be arranged upon arrival at your new home


An international network of quality

Our international removals department is based in our Limoges branch. We were members of the FIDI (International Federation of International Movers) and we were certified FAIM, the international quality standard for a moving company. This gold standard of quality is awarded following rigorous audits carried out by Ernst & Young (independent practice) and is the guarantee of the highest level of ability for the management and execution of your international


Moreover we guarantee the same consistent quality of service throughout the entire course of your journey, regardless of your destination: we work with the 500 partner companies which are part of the FIDI and FAIM network worldwide. Welcome to the FIDI Global Alliance portal! Download the certificate.




Methods and Guarantees

Déménagement A. Tessiot : offres pour l'international - méthodes et garantiesTogether we will choose the type of transportation which is the best, according to your needs.

You will find out more about these with our advisors. The options are multiple: by road, sea or air; individual or grouped; according to your desired timeframe, etc.

Any destination is possible.

TESSIOT Group takes care of destinations in the South Indian Ocean, whilst for other locations we subcontract within the international FIDI-FAIM network.

We select only the best subcontractors.

Our subcontractors are chosen based on their excellent satisfaction rates, whether they are from France or elsewhere.

Financial guarantees

The financial risks linked with road accidents and other circumstances are accounted for differently for every move so we will discuss various options with you – our ultimate agreement must cover any potential risks.

Administrative procedures

Our Easy Move package will significantly alleviate the stress of administrative procedures for you: from the termination of your telephone lines and electricity meter to informing your local social security service of your new address. We hope to make your move a more enjoyable experience!