Advice from the beginning to the end

Every move is different. However there will always be inevitable administrative procedures which you can delegate to us by opting for our Easy Move package.

With Easy move, avoid the tediousness, endlessness and complexity of administrative matters.

The Easy Move option offers a complete package for your move:

1. Transfer, termination or new subscription for:

  • your telephone line
  • your internet subscription.

2. Termination of meters and subscription to new meters in your new home for:

  • Electricity,
  • Gas,
  • Water.

3. 6-month transfer of your mail from your former address to your new address (postal costs included).

4. Transfer of your audiovisual(s) subscription(s)

5. Informing many parties of your new address: insurance company, healthcare provider, pensions office, social security, mobile phone provider…